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Our goal is to create life-long learners

by making Latin fun, one root word at a time

Why learn Latin?

  • Because more than half of all English words are derived from Latin.
  • A rich vocabulary improves reading fluency and comprehension.
  • Studying Latin is the best way to learn English grammar & vocabulary.
  • Latin is the technical language of science, health care, and the legal system.
  • Students who study Latin for two years score 100 points higher on the verbal section of standardized tests.
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Try some of our activities


Lesson 1 Vocabulary

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Lesson 1 Quiz

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Word Search

Lesson 1 Word Search

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Why use Roman Latin Rantin’?

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  • Children can learn independently with our fun, interactive lessons to master important language skills.
  • No prior experience of Latin is needed and NO parental teaching is required. Of course, parents are always welcome to join the fun and learn!
  • Our lessons walk your students through Latin vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.
  • Enrich your current Latin curriculum with our hands-on activities.
  • Our workbooks, answer keys, and downloadable resources will have you covered for kids (and adults) with different learning styles.


We offer the convenience of self-paced online classes as well as live instructor-led online courses to meet your needs.


Use our programs for your classroom or ask about custom solutions for your current Latin curriculum.


We offer volume pricing for schools and school districts. Need custom solutions? We can help with those, too!

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