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Our goal is to create life-long learners

by making Latin fun, one root word at a time

Why Latin?

  • More than half of all English words are derived from Latin.
  • Latin is the technical language of science, health care , and the legal system.
  • Studying Latin helps to improve English grammar & vocabulary.
  • A rich vocabulary is associated with reading fluency and comprehension.
  • Students who learn Latin tend to perform well on the verbal section of standardized tests.
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Try some of our activities


Lesson 1 Vocabulary

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First Conjugation Present Tense

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Lesson 1 Quiz

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Word Search

Lesson 1 Word Search

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The Benefits

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  • Children can learn independently with our online lessons to master important skills.
  • No prior experience of Latin is needed. No parental teaching is required.
  • Our lessons walk your students through Latin vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.
  • Enrich your current Latin curriculum with our hands-on activities.


Fun, interactive lessons, games & more to help your children learn.


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